Playacar - Playa del Carmen

Where is Playacar in Playa Del Carmen?

You may be considering to invest in this area, looking at buying to live in or looking to buy to invest . This neighborhood overview will give you an idea of what it is like.

Playacar Playa Del Carmen

The luxurious private development is called Playacar. It is a high end development that was started in 1979. It preserved most of the large trees and left space for a 18 hole golf course, parks and wide winding streets. There are is an amazing amout of wild life. Wake up to the birds singing, watch the deer stroll over the golf course. It is full of nature!!! True paradise.

Where is Playacar?

If you look at a map of Playa Del Carmen you will notice a green looking section on the south end. This is the Phase 1 and Phase 2 sections of Playacar.


Mayan Ruins in Playacar

There are Mayan ruins in Playacar. They are not huge but interesting to walk by and take some snapshots. They are open to anyone in Playacar and there is no charge for them. Occasionally you will see a wedding taking place on the grounds.









Beaches in front of Playacar

The beaches in front of Phase 1 and 2 are very nice because they are wide and not too crowded. It even made top beach in Playa del Carmen!

Amazing white sand beach!

The beach that stretches south in front of Phase 2 are breathtaking.

When you buy im Playcar you get access to Reef Hotel and all their amazing ammenities!


Roads and streets in Playacar

Most secure place to live. This is a gated community with 24/7 security.

The main roads in Playacar are nice to bike and run next to. There are sidewalks on both sides of the road in Phase 2. Biking is supposed to be limited to the inside loop of sidewalk. So make sure you follow the rules.

The roads and landscaping is all manicured and taken care of. Playacar has private security that drives around and you will see them scanning checkpoints (often markers in trees) to indicate they have passed a certain point.


Hidden Playacar

Phase 2 of Playacar is home to the Xaman HA Bird Sanctuary, This small bird park highlights some of the local tropical birds and can be one place right in Playa Del Carmen to see them.

Shopping in Playacar

In Phase 2 there is a tourist shopping plaza that even has a Starbucks. You can find many of the same things downtown and possibly a little cheaper but it does come in handy if you are not wanting to walk around downtown.

Restaurants and convenience stores in Playacar

There is a convenience store on the front side of Phase 2.

There are a couple of restaurants on the back side of Phase 2 as well.

If you do like pastries we recommend Atelier de Fred on the back side of Playacar phase 2. This is a French bakery.

There are also Italian restaurants, gelatto, laundrey matts, pharmacy, etc.

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